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These are a few of my favourite things

13th May 2018

Hello! Things are a little slow on the sewing front at the moment as I am super busy with work, we have been away and I am between big projects. However, I have baby quilt making on the horizon, a sewing issue to solve (am struggling with the zigzag stitch on my Camden bag) and a few ideas whizzing around my mind.

In the meantime I thought I would share a few of the products that I really love and that feature in my sewing space. I find I am often asked about products that I recommend at workshops and when I meet sewing friends. These are affiliate links that help me with blogging expenses at no extra cost to you.

Janome XL601 sewing machine – fondly known as Bertha, I have been sewing on this machine for just over four years now. I love everything about her and a few friends have ended up buying the same model after trying out mine or reading my review.

Wonder Clips – so handy for lots of projects. These little plastic clips are great for securing binding on quilts, for holding projects that can’t be pinned and are just so pretty!

Water erasable pen – I have previously worked with air erasable pens to mark quilts but have found that they often disappear before I am finished – but I have recently discovered water erasable pens. You will need to wash your project after using but these are great for marking up intricate quilting patterns etc.

Magnetic pin caddy – a fab little Christmas present that has really become a central part of my sewing kit. Read my full review here.

Rotary Cutter, Mat and Ruler – in my opinion every quilter should have these! Worth every penny and a great investment. I have been using mine for around six years and I still love them as much as when they were first gifted to me. Read my full review here.

Lampshade kit – not strictly a piece of sewing kit but I have really been bitten by the lampshade making bug. These kits are so simple to use and beat a commercially produced lampshade hands down. I wrote about my first experience of making a lampshade around a year ago here.

Please do let me know what sewing kit you love and can’t do without!

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