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Product Review – Scissors

26th July 2017

Today I thought I would take you on a tour of my scissors.  I certainly can’t claim to have a great selection like some sewing bloggers but I am happy with those that I do have and thought you might like a little look. 
Fiskars Classic Dressmaking Scissors
I bought these a number of years ago and they are available at most haberdashers or here (affiliate link).  They have served me incredibly well and are very comfortable to use.  They cut through layered quilts, single fabrics and even denim really smoothly and with ease.  I know lots of sewing friends who also use these and they are the scissor of choice for workshops at Millie Moonwhere I am a tutor. 
Pinking Shears
My Mum gifted me a vintage pair of pinking shears, which are completely blunt but beautiful so I keep those in my scissor pot just to look at.  I don’t tend to use pinking shears much so have an unbranded pair.  They are okay but I do think I would want to buy some better quality ones if I were to ever need to use them more i.e. if I increase the amount of dressmaking I do.  I think I would go with my tried and tested Fiskars brand and choose these (affiliate link). 
When I first started quilting I bough a pair of Prym Stork Scissors (affiliate link).  I love love love these and would highly recommend them to anyone sewing.  They are super-useful when hand-sewing my English paper pieces, they are great to take away to use on small projects and are even my scissors of choice when sewing on a button.  They are inexpensive and would make a great addition to any kit.
I also have a pair of snips that I received as a free gift some years ago with the Mollie Makes magazine.  I love to keep these by my sewing machine for cutting threads whilst I am working. 
I keep all of my scissors in a lovely jar that my friend Flis bought me as a gift on my hen do.  It holds such lovely memories and I love that it sits in my little crafty corner. 
Please tell me, what scissors would you be lost without?

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