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Product Review – Magnetic Pin Caddy

22nd January 2018

Hemline Magnetic Pin Caddy – Review by A Little Sew and Sow

Last year I suggested some gifts for Quilters and Sewists, which included some of my favourites and a couple of things that were on my own Christmas list.  I thought I would share my experiences today of one of those items – a magnetic pin caddy 

I love the magnetic pin holders that you can wear on your lapel but with a pre-schooler who likes to jump on my lap I thought it wouldn’t take long for one of us to get hurt as the pin tips are exposed.  I therefore went on a mission to find something that would contain the sharp ends of the pins, keep them together but aid me to grab pins quickly and easily.  I came across this Magnetic Pin Caddy made by Hemline (affiliate link), which you wear like a watch.  My parents bought this as a Christmas gift for me (many thanks!). 
The caddy is comfortable to wear and very lightweight.  The magnet is strong enough to hold the sharp tips of the pins and I can easily move around without dislodging them.  It holds plenty of pins at any time and they are really easy to grab when working.  I feel my little Pickle is protected from them but it is really user-friendly for me.  There isn’t a fastening on the strap so one size fits everyone.  All-in-all a great buy that I would highly recommend!        

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