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11th June 2018

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a little while will know that I love preserving. In my opinion it is a great way to store goodies from the garden and market – they taste way better than any shop-bought preserve and I know exactly what has gone into them.

Last summer I wrote a couple of times about preserving, including sharing my nan’s recipe for Beetroot Relish.

Last week I made my first three items of the summer and it felt great to be back in the kitchen with the preserving pan out. Firstly, I harvested 1kg of rhubarb from my garden and paired it with some strawberries (mix of purchased and homegrown) to make strawberry and rhubarb jam. A first time making this combo and it tastes good.

I also used some purchased tomatoes to make a tomato and chilli jam. This is a great recipe for anyone with IBS, as unlike many preserves, it doesn’t contain any onion or garlic. It’s a great recipe that I often make for my sister and myself and it goes with so many things. It comes out as a thick, sticky jam but a couple of seconds in the microwave turns it into more of a sweet chilli sauce.

Both of the above recipes were from the Bay Tree Preserving book (AFFILIATE LINK). This was a gift a few years back from my mum and has become a real staple in my kitchen. Every recipe I have tried so far comes out really well and tastes amazing.

A few weeks back I was revisiting Alys Fowler’s Abundance book (AFFILIATE LINK) – another one that I love and regularly use when I came across a recipe/suggestion that I have not noticed before. It was for a tomato seasoning, made with dehydrated tomato skins, salt and oregano. As I had to peel tomatoes for the chilli jam, I decided to get out my newly acquired dehydrator and have a go. The skins dried really quickly on a high heat and then I popped them in a food processor with the other ingredients to make a seasoning. So far we have enjoyed this on top of eggs and it is tasty and a great way to reduce food waste.

I have lots more plans for preserving over the summer, both to fill our cupboards and to put in the Christmas hampers I make for family every year. Do tell me, what are your favourite preserves to make?

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