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Nappy Liner Tutorial

19th June 2018

Our second little Pickle is due at the beginning of October and we plan to mainly use reusable nappies. I have been buying pre-loved gNappies and am all set with the first few sizes. I have also joined a few Facebook groups for cloth nappy Mamas and have been doing heaps of reading on the subject.

Part of the kit needed for reusable nappies is a set of liners. These are generally made of fleece to wick the water away from the skin and also help to keen the worst of the poo off of the nappy. (Think that is the first time I have said poo on my blog!) A little while ago I realized I could make my own liners in next to no time and with materials I already had in the house – result!

As I was planning these I kept seeing people in various Facebook groups asking how to make them so I decided to write this quick DIY and take some pictures as I went. There is no sewing involved so they can be made by anyone.

1 – Take an insert or booster that fits into your particular brand of nappy and draw around it onto a piece of card or stiff paper (I used some scrap packaging from my recycling box).

2 – Use paper scissors to cut out your cardboard template.

3 – Take your fleece, lay it on a flat surface and pin the template to it. NB you can buy fleece by the metre from many haberdasheries or cut up a fleece blanket. (I make quilts for my local Project Linus to deliver to the NICU at my local hospital and I back these in fleece so I had plenty of off cuts to use.)

4 – Cut around your fleece to the size of the template using fabric scissors and unpin the template. You won’t need to sew edges or use an overlocker on these as fleece doesn’t fray.

5 – Take your liner and check whether it fits in your nappy. You can then make any adjustments needed to the template before continuing to cut the rest of your liners. I made around 15 as a starting point.

Ta da! You are done. This is such a simple process and requires no specialist equipment. Happy cloth nappying!

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