My first lampshade

6th May 2017

I have long fancied having a go at making a lampshade but have never had the need for one.  Recently we decorated our living room and I decided it was time to give my vintage standard lamp a facelift.  I researched lampshade kits and decided it looked straightforward, but that two pairs of hands might be a good idea.  I ordered this lampshade making kit (affiliate link) and set about making the shade.  
As predicted it was straightforward but I definitely needed the second pair of hands (thanks Mum!).  I am really pleased with the result, thought the kit was good value for money, and that the instructions were very clear.  My only criticism would be that the roll of double sided tape was about an inch or so too short to complete the project and I needed to scrabble around to find some to supplement it.  I bought the fabric on sale and the whole project cost less than £25 – a lot cheaper than the £85 one I had been eyeing up online from a department store.        

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