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Making myself better

13th February 2020
Craft supplies

Crafting has been my thing for the past eight years, but only recently did I realise it was more than that – it was therapeutic. 

Exactly a year ago we went through a big family trauma when one of our children was very unwell.  Although he recovered he has been left with recurring health issues and quite honestly I struggle with this. 

This all happened when our youngest was just five months old and so for a long time I wasn’t able to do anything creative.  I felt this really affected me and so my goal for 2020 is to embrace craft more and try to ‘make myself better’. 

Many people have written about the benefits of craft for self care and many charities supporting people with mental health issues run various creative workshops and activities.  Mollie Makes wrote this article back in 2018 .

There is also a hashtag on Instagram #craftastherapy with over 700k posts, so clearly I am not alone in my thoughts around this. 

So as I try to weave more creativity into my life I urge you to try the same.  Creativity can take many forms so I encourage you to explore different outlets and find time for yourself, even when life is crazy and unpredictable.  Craft doesn’t replace other therapies but I believe it can be really important as part of a self-care routing.  My Craft Clubs are one of the many ways I am embracing creative communities, making time for myself and trying lots of new things.        

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