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22nd September 2017
Homegrown Pumpkins

I thought I would shake things up a bit today and share a few things that I am really enjoying lately. 
1. My homegrown pumpkins.  They look beautiful as they are curing in the south facing windows of my house and the first few we have eaten have tasted delicious.
2. I have been participating in the #GreatBritishQuilter challenge on Instagram throughout September.  It is wonderful connecting with other quilters and seeing some of their work.  I am feeling super inspired. 
3. I love listening to podcasts when I am travelling and running.  I have recently found Hashtag Authentic and have worked my way from the start, up to the present day.  It’s a podcast for Instagrammers, bloggers and creatives, by Sara Tasker of Me and Orla.  It is fascinating and so inspiring – do go and check it out! 
4. Just yesterday I bought some beautiful Tilda fabrics and am starting my latest quilt.  I used a gift voucher from my lovely colleagues at my last job to buy my fabric and I am making JeniBaker’s Giant Vintage Star Quilt.  I have used the pattern to make smaller versions before as gifts for new babies but am hoping this will fit nicely on a double or king size bed. 
5.  Knowing that in a couple of weeks our bedroom renovations will be complete.  For nearly two years we have slept in a bedroom with hideous green striped wallpaper, no flooring and a single curtain at each window, which were impossible to open and close.
I hope you have a very happy weekend!

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