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5th July 2017

Today I thought I would share a few of the little things that are currently bringing me joy!

Homegrown sweet peas.  One of my favourite flowers and they smell so sweet!

Raspberries from my garden.  I am a little confused why they are ripening now (considering they are an autumn variety) but I am assuming it might be because they were new canes for this year.  Not many per cane but they taste wonderful.

New potatoes – International Kidneys to be precise (aka Jersey Royals but we can’t call them that outside of Jersey).

Blueberries.  Sweet, juicy – and this year I have protected them from the birds so we get to eat the whole crop – and there are so many on my two bushes.

Podding peas.  The taste and the activity both remind me of spending time with my nanny and grandad in their kitchen garden and my nanny and grampy on their allotment when I was a child.

And this little Pickle.  He seems to have become all grown up recently and is enjoying exploring new activities.  Who knew so much excitement could come from washing up!

Please do leave me a comment and let me know what is bringing you joy.  

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