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Homemade Kitchen Roll

9th April 2018

For a long time I have been keen to reduce single-use plastics, waste and harmful chemicals from our home. I am realistic that it is near impossible to completely achieve zero-waste etc but I strongly believe that every little helps. Part of my reasoning for wanting to do this is linked to the environment but part of it is also that my husband and son suffer from Asthma and Eczema.

We have always been pretty good as a family at using reusable flasks, water bottles etc. We always take lunch to work in reusable tubs and try to be mindful of what we buy. However, I was a little unsure where to start with minimizing chemicals. Then, at the beginning of 2018 a friend introduced me to Norwex, a company dedicated to radically reducing harmful chemicals in the home. I have been so impressed by their amazing products that I have actually joined the company as an Independent Consultant. We have been on quite a journey over the past few months and have really changed the way we clean our home and wash our laundry. You can find out more about Norwex and their fab products here.

What I have also found is that the more changes we have made, the more I have wanted to do. The next on my list was to remove the use of kitchen roll. For a few weeks we tried going without but there were definitely times when something was needed to mop up a quick spill etc. So I took to Pinterest and realized that people were making their own. So I ordered some 100% cotton toweling, pulled some fabric scraps out of my stash and got to work. For each towel I cut a 10.5-inch square of cotton and of toweling. I then popped these right sides together and sewed around the edge, leaving a 2-inch gap for turning. I then cut the corners to reduce the bulk and turned the cloths through the gap. Finally I top-stitched around the edge to close the gap. Voila… reusable kitchen towels!

I made eight in total and these are now folded and stored in a dish when not in use. I then simply grab one when needed and then put into my next load of washing. I am using the wonderful and safe Norwex laundry detergent, UPP and it does a brilliant job. I have also seen on Pinterest some people adding poppers so that all of the pieces can be secured together (similar to a traditional roll).

This was a super quick and cheap make that will no doubt save me money on buying commercial kitchen roll and is another way for us to do a little bit for the environment.


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