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Garden Plans

10th February 2018

As well as sewing I love to garden and grow fruit and veggies. My husband and I really love to be on our little plot but it can be a little difficult at times with work commitments and a pre-schooler. This year I have therefore decided to try and simplify our growing plans, focusing on high yielding, delicious and easy to grow crops. There are also a fair few that will freeze or store well too. There will still be a lot of work involved and I can see the windowsills of our house filling up quickly as we start sowing seeds, but hopefully we can eat some great produce at the same time as being kind to ourselves and our schedule.

Here is a little run down of the crops I am planning:

  • Climbing Borlotto beans
  • Climbing Cobra French beans
  • Red Epicure broad beans
  • White Lady runner beans
  • Chantanay red cored carrots
  • Defender courgettes
  • Tondo di Piacenza summer squash
  • Patty Pan summer squash
  • Mixed mangetout peas
  • Meteor shelling peas
  • Charlotte potatoes
  • International kidney potatoes
  • Wilja potatoes
  • Butterbush squash
  • Crown Prince pumpkin
  • Munchkin pumpkins
  • Uchiki Kuri
  • Swift sweetcorn

That is alongside the fruit already established in the garden including rhubarb, raspberries and strawberries. I am also planning some lovely cut flowers to add colour to the garden and help me along the way with my #ayearofbringingnatureinside challenge.

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