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Five things that are making me happy – and one that is making me sad

9th October 2017

The background of my homemade dinosaur party invitation

Please do chip in with your own in the comments below. 

1. Our bedroom is finally decorated and has carpet.  After two years of hideous green stripe wallpaper and bare floorboards we are now enjoying a little bit of luxury.  I sold some modern furniture that didn’t really fit in this house, have bought a vintage dressing table that I love and am now on the look out for some bedside tables.  I still need to add a few touches of decorative colour to the walls and am thinking of achieving this by making some hoop quilts!
2. I have made good progress with my Tilda fabric, making it into JeniBaker’s Giant Star Quilt.  The top is finished and I am hoping to finish it up before it gets too cold.    
3. On Thursday it is my Birthday.  It looks as though I will be home alone for a large chunk of the day with the little man at pre-school and the hubby at work.  I am going to give myself the ultimate treat: some uninterrupted sewing time!  I will probably work on my Tilda/Giant Star quilt as keen to get it done.    
4. We are off to Dorset this weekend for a family trip.  I hope to spend some time sewing the binding on the aforementioned quilt (if I get that far with it) and am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather so we can take the little Pickle to a pumpkin farm.    
5.  The little man turns three in a few weeks.  I am currently planning him a dinosaur themed party.  I am trying to keep it low-key but with a few handmade details.  Am sure he will love it and I am very excited to see the cake creation that my sister is planning for him.  
However, I am really sad that my garden has pretty much stopped producing edible harvests.  It is a very immature garden and space is limited so I haven’t yet managed to plan a year-round harvest.  It has been a wonderful spring and summer filled with homegrown fruit and veggies but I will have to wait for next year to enjoy the excitement of homegrown harvests again.  In the meantime I have a few pumpkins to look forward to and a freezer full of runner beans!  I also made some of Alys Fowler’s Ploughman’s Chutney yesterday with homegrown onions, summer squash and garlic with some of my sister-in-law’s apples to add to my homegrown pantry.   

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