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Finished Quilt | My Favourite EVER!

27th October 2019
Baby clothes memory quilt

2019 has been a bit of a tough year for a number of reasons but I am desperately trying to find more time to create.  I quite often fit in sewing time to make gifts and household items that we need but rarely do I find time to sew for myself. 

Over the past couple of months I have dipped in and out of making a quilt for myself and I am so pleased to finally finish.  I have been dreaming of this quilt since I was pregnant with Freddie and so it feels like it has been a long time in the making. 

We decided that Freddie would be our last baby and so I wanted to find a way to incorporate some of my favourite baby clothes into a quilt.  I did quite a lot of research into how best to combine different fabrics and got excited about picking the pieces to include. 

I have been putting items of clothing aside as Freddie has worked through the sizes, and as he was approaching a year old I decided it was time to dive in. 

I started by chopping apart the items of clothing to give me a single layer of fabric.  I then used a fusible medium-weight interfacing on every piece to stabilise the fabrics (most were stretchy to some degree or other).  I actually cut pieces of interfacing a little larger than I needed, bonded them to the fabric and then cut my quilt pieces. 

I worked with two different sized blocks, as some of the pieces were so small (both my boys started life wearing ‘tiny baby’ size).  Despite stabilising the fabrics I was still a little nervous about using different types of fabric next to each other so opted to include sashing (made from one of my favourite colours of Kona solids). 

The quilt worked up pretty quickly and I decided to play safe and use a very simple quilting technique. I really wanted the clothes to sing and decided that doing anything fancy would make it too fussy.  This isn’t my most technical quilt by a long way but (oh my!) it is my favourite; so many beautiful memories in this of my tiny baby boys.  It is the perfect size to snuggle under and I will cherish it forever.  I just need to fight off my eldest who seems to think this quilt is his. 

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