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Adventures in Weaving

28th January 2019

Earlier in the month I wrote about my crafty goals for 2019, which focus on learning new skills and working on smaller projects that are easier to pick up and put down than a large quilt (crafting is difficult with a 4 month old but I am determined to continue carving out some creative time for myself). 

Just before Christmas I ordered and checked out a collection of library books to explore and some of those focused on weaving.  I have been eyeing up some wall hangings on Instagram and decided I wanted to have a go at making one for myself.  Over Christmas I enjoying exploring the books and found I particularly loved this one (affiliate link). 

As a little Christmas treat I ordered a lap loom from Hobbycraft and recently gave it a whirl with the help of the Modern Weaving book.  I actually like the book so much I have purchased my own copy to keep at home.

I have to confess I have completely fallen in love with weaving.  I love playing with yarns (as although I can knit and crochet they do not come naturally to me) and it is the perfect craft to easily start and stop around my little man and his big brother.  I can also work on this from the sofa or a table so it gives me lots of flexibility.  I recently completed my first wall hanging, which is now hanging from the Victorian picture rail in my living room and am already part way through another for our bedroom.  It’s also a very cheap and easy way to add some new decorations to our home. 

The only downside so far for me is that my loom (although described as the large one) is fairly small and limits the size of my pieces.  Who knows, maybe one day I will invest or even make a bigger one! 

For the time being though, I will continue exploring this wonderful craft and giving my house a little makeover in the meantime.   

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