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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 6/52

10th February 2018

I made it to the second month of my yearlong challenge to create an arrangement every week from natural materials.

This week I spotted some tiny yellow flowers on a Mahonia and felt spring is on the way. Although the leaves of the Mahonia are spiky and a little difficult to work with, these little flower stems are lovely.

The green of the stems and unopened flowers is so lush and really set off against this little blue vase. Another charity shop purchase (79p this time), it is unmarked but has a beautiful gold painting of two birds on. I thought this vase would be great in the summer as well for delicate flowers such as sweet peas and single stem roses.

There are signs of life in my garden already with new shoots on the Hydrangeas and the tiny tips of rhubarb poking through. Fingers crossed some of my spring bulbs will start to flower soon. I planted some new ones in the autumn and had left the previous year’s in the ground so hopefully will have quite a show (fingers crossed).

Please do join in and share any natural arrangements you make; maybe you have snowdrops flowering in your garden already? Just add your photos to Instagram using the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside or email them to me.

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