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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 5/52

1st February 2018

Making an arrangement every week from natural materials that have been gathered, grown or foraged is certainly challenging me and I am very much looking forward to having some flowers blooming in my garden.

After the darker tones of the past few weeks I fancied bringing some greenery into the house and I noticed my lovely neighbour had a Fatsia growing in her garden. She kindly allowed me to cut a little and I came upon some of its beautiful berries as well. I think the light berries really pop against the rich green leaves and make a lovely arrangement. I popped them into a little mug I picked up at a local charity shop for 99p.

The mug doesn’t have a makers name on it, only the letter A. I haven’t been able to work out who made it but if you recognize it please do let me know.

This arrangement marks the end of my first month, – only 11 months and 47 arrangements to go! If you would like to join me on this journey, even if only once or twice, do add your photos to Instagram using the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside or email your photos to me.

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