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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 41/52

17th October 2018

Oops, I am rather late posting week 41 of #ayearofbringingnatureinside (technically this is the 42nd week of the year, but I promise to catch up). This week is a little different and I handed the reins over to my very nearly four-year-old to make the arrangement. The Pickle has been gathering natural materials throughout the autumn and making an arrangement in our porch so I decided this week to photograph his creation.

I might be biased but I think he has a pretty good eye for it. Well done Henry!

I am also sharing this beauty of a photo from Emma who has grown some munchkin pumpkins and arranged them in her home for a bit before eating them.

If you would like to share your autumnal arrangements, head over to Instagram and use the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside

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