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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 33/52

19th August 2018

I am pretty late sharing week 33 of #ayearofbringingnatureinside – oops. It’s been a busy week and I’m starting to feel super tired, as I am 33 weeks pregnant. (Yes, I love that my week numbers for this pregnancy tally with my challenge.)

This week I am sharing some Zinnias from my garden. This is the first year I have grown Zinnias and I am super pleased with them. I grew these from seed and they are stunning flowers that keep coming every time I pick them. I love the combination of pinks, yellows, whites and oranges that are in the mix that I bought. I wouldn’t typically choose to put these colours together but really love the look of them. They also go really well in this little pot that has brown and cream shades to it.

If you would like to share what is blooming in your garden head over to Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside

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