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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 2/52

10th January 2018

In case you missed the last post, I have embarked on a yearlong personal project for 2018 where I am going to make a new arrangement each week from natural materials that have been homegrown, gathered or foraged. 
I am still a little unwell from my chest infection so a big walk was out of the question, but I did manage a small stroll along a local cycle path this week.  There was very little variety on this particular route and not much was growing but my eyes were immediately drawn to a big branch from a beech tree, which had been broken off in the recent storms.  I was sad to see this fallen branch but was so interested in the fact that it still had lots of leaves attached.  I decided to see if I could collect some of the smaller offshoots from the main branch and bring them home.  To my delight the leaves stayed attached while we travelled home. 
I really love the simplicity of displaying a single variety of natural material in an interesting container and decided that these beech twigs should be left by themselves.  I have displayed them in a vintage copper quart mug.  It is a bit battered but has a lot of character and a great story behind it.  My granddad pulled this out of a skip many years ago and kept it in case it would be useful one day.  I love how the copper complements the colour of the beech leaves and captures the light of the room.   
Please do feel free to join in with my challenge.  You can email me photos at alittlewsewandsow@gmail.comor add them to Instagram using the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside

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