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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 17/52

25th April 2018

This week was my sister’s birthday and I was so excited to have enough blooming in my garden to gift her an arrangement of purely homegrown goodies.

So for week 17 of my yearlong project #ayearofbringingnatureinside I am sharing the arrangement with you: an assortment of narcissi and daffodils arrangement with some wonderful smelling rosemary.

These blooms were put into a recycled glass jar, which I decorated with ribbon.

I have a few more varieties of flowers on the brink of blooming so am getting excited for the next few weeks! I also have flower seeds growing on my windowsills so will hopefully have some exciting blooms later in the summer.

If anyone would like to share their arrangements too please tag them on Instagram with the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside or email them to me to share on this blog.

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