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A Year of Bringing Nature Inside – 12/52

21st March 2018

Here we are at week 12 of my 2018 personal project #ayearofbringingnatureinside and I can’t believe we have had snow again this past week. For the second time in March! In the South of England!

Despite the weather I was so pleased to come upon this beautiful pink blossom near my parents’ house. I think it is cherry blossom but please do correct me if I am wrong.

It is so beautiful and delicate and this was cut on a snowy day so it is pretty hardy stuff. This little beauty is now sat on my mantlepiece in a little blue vase that I picked up in a charity shop.

This week I am also pleased to share an offering from my mum, Sandra. She picked this selection of colourful daffodils in her garden. I am very much drawn to the all-yellow daffodils but this bunch gives me a new appreciation for the other varieties and how well they complement each other. Thanks for sharing!

Please do share your natural arrangements made from materials that have been homegrown, gathered or foraged. Share them on Instagram using the hashtag #ayearofbringingnatureinside or email them to me for sharing on this blog.

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