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A Handmade Gift – My Secret Sewing Revealed

11th September 2017

English Paper Pieced Quilt
It feels like its been for months that I have mentioning my “secret sewing”.  Well my Mum kindly reads every blog post that I write so I wasn’t able to mention the special gift that I was making for her.  She had a big Birthday at the beginning of September and I have been making her a special quilt.  I am pleased to say that it has now been gifted so I can finally write about it. 
It was made using English Paper Piecing with 1.25-inch hexagons.  Each flower was constructed and then sewn onto a 10-inch block.  The quilt measures 40 x 50 inches and fits perfectly on the back of her sofa.  It is a great size for pulling onto her lap when it gets cold.
I started this quilt in March 2017 and finished in August.  This project came on a couple of holidays with me and I even did some of it on the beach. 
The majority of the coloured fabrics have been saved in my stash for a couple of years since we went fabric shopping together for another project.  I knew she loved them and that they went perfectly with the décor in her living room.  I have been keeping them safe for the perfect project and this was it. 
I am pleased to report that Mum loved it!  Sorry about the slightly rubbish picture – I had to get a quick snap before gifting it and the light wasn’t great.  
If you would like to have a go at English Paper Piecing why not join me at my introductory workshop in Frome on Saturday 23 September.  Full details can be found here.

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