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A Finished Quilt: The Denim Beast

12th March 2018

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging and Instagram front over the past few weeks and that’s because I have been working on a beast of a project. In 2017 my brother-in-law asked whether I would make him a denim quilt for his bed. He was inspired by one he had seen in a hotel, but wanted a unique one for his Bristol home.

I decided to embark on this project as a gift for him but wanted to ensure that he was included in the design and planning. So, for Christmas my husband and I gave him a stack of denim and I promised that for his birthday in March I would make the quilt.

He was super helpful in sending pictures of some of the quilts that he likes and that gave me an idea of where to start. He wanted something striking but very simple with clean lines.

Originally I had thought about using recycled denim from old pairs of jeans but as I trawled charity shops I realized that this wasn’t a particularly cheap option, you didn’t get a lot of reusable denim from the cut of jeans and also many pairs had a slight stretch in. I therefore opted to buy denim off of the bolt. I wanted to ensure that all colours were the same weight so that they would sit well together and I came across Empress Mills and ordered a selection of 7.5oz denims.

The piecing was very simple and the quilt top came together quite quickly once I have planned out my design. The quilt is a king size so it used a lot of denim!

Putting the layers together is never my favourite part of the process and for this one I had to move all of the furniture out of my dining room to give me enough space. My lovely hubby helped, which made life a little easier.

Quilting was when the real fun started. Wow this quilt was heavy once the three layers were together and it was pretty hard to move through the neck of my machine. I chose a very simple design for quilting and I am so glad that I did, as I really couldn’t have managed anything more elaborate. I was really pleased how my Janome XL601 (AFFILIATE LINK) coped though with the three layers (did I mention that it is also backed in a light weight denim?).

Finally I set about binding the quilt, which as you can imagine took many hours, as I like to hand-sew the reverse of my binding. I lost track of the hours I spent, but think it was over eight!

Here’s hoping that the birthday boy likes the quilt. Happy Birthday James!

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