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2019 in Review

30th December 2019
A Little Sew and Sow 2019 Review

Well, as 2019 draws to a close I wanted to reflect upon my craft makes of the year and share my #bestnine2019 Instagram posts.  Sadly, I have very little to share though!    

I started 2019 with great intentions of trying lots of new crafts and making some time for myself in our busy lives.  Even though Fred was still a very small baby, back at the beginning of the year, I got off to a great start ­­– finding small pockets of time to explore weaving, bead making and other jewellery from Fimo – and I even finished my Camden Bag.

Then, at the beginning of February, Henry came down with chickenpox.  A routine childhood illness and during the first few days I even managed to craft and share my makes on Instagram.  Turns out for some children this isn’t a routine illness; on Valentine’s Day we awoke to a four year old who had temporarily lost the ability to sit unaided, walk or talk properly.  Our beautiful boy had encephalitis.  Then followed the most horrendous 16 days with him in hospital undergoing anti-viral treatment.  Hubby stayed at the hospital with Henry and I travelled in and out, mostly twice per day, whilst continuing to breastfeed Fred.

Thankfully Henry recovered but his journey back to full health was long and hard.  By the time he was raring to go again I was finishing my maternity leave and actually had a period of ill health myself.  Next followed the transition of Henry moving from nursery to school and Fred starting with a childminder.

So aside from not having much time to create this year I have also not really felt like it.  I have made a number of gifts and my favourite make of the year is certainly the memory quilt I made for myself out of baby clothes.

Despite losing my ‘sewjo’ and struggling for time, I have found myself marching towards the end of the year with great hopes for a creative 2020.  I am heading back to teach workshops at Millie Moon and I am beyond excited to be starting my own Craft Club from January.  I haven’t yet written a list of creative goals but I am hoping to continue exploring new crafts as well as indulging in my passion for sewing and quilting.  I am also hoping that through teaching and hosting my Craft Club I can really enjoy spending time with like-minded Crafters.

Here’s to a very crafty 2020!

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