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2017 Review

31st December 2017

Every year I love reading the reviews that bloggers write of their own craft year and the goals they set themselves for the coming year.  I had been really looking forward to writing this type of post myself but I am on day 10 (or is it 11?) of a chest infection.  My energy levels are zero and I am still feeling very under the weather.  So here is a little look at some of the achievements in my garden and from my sewing machine. 
And in terms of 2018, I plan to continue developing my quilting by trying new techniques, pushing myself further out of my comfort zone and sharing the craft that I love with others.  I would like to try some hand embroidery, I have a massive denim quilt to make that I have promised to my brother-in-law and I want to work on improving the photos that I take of my handmade and homegrown items.  I want to continue developing the garden, growing some of our own food and enjoying the little plot that we have.  I am very much looking forward to my new personal project of a year of bringing nature insideand will be posting my first piece later this week.  Finally and unsurprisingly I want to spend more quality time with my little family. 

Happy New Year to all.  I hope 2018 is a good one for you and brings lots of crafty time!

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